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Crack CAIIB in just One Week

With Learning Sessions' comprehensive CAIIB study guide, you can achieve a 100% success rate. We know how vital it is to crack the exam swiftly. Our Live Recording lectures, previous year questions, and realistic mock tests ensure you're fully prepared. Our Free ePDFs is also provided to you for an ultimate learning experience. Trust us – one attempt is all you need to become a CAIIB ace! Secure your CAIIB passing certificate with confidence. Join Learning Sessions today for a shortcut to success!







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Why Choose Learning Sessions for CAIIB?

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IIBF Learning Center CAIIB

Pass all Compulsory & Optional subjects exams of CAIIB 2024 with our latest iibf syllabus based videos


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Advanced Bank Management

Complete syllabus of Advanced Bank Management 2024

Learn all about Advanced Bank Management with us! Our course is easy and covers everything you need. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends for a surefire success in your first attempt. Let's succeed in ABM together!

Watch Video

Bank Financial Management

Bank Financial Management Priority as per latest IIBF trends

You can pass your Bank Financial Management (BFM) exam on your first try if you follow our knowledgeable instructor lessons. You have to rely on us and commit time to studying and understanding CAIIB with the help of our comprehensive study materials.

Watch Video

Advance Business & Finance Management

Advance Business & Finance Management Complete Syllabus 2024

Whether you're from any background, our video lectures are tailored to ensure your success in clearing the Advance Business & Finance Management exam on your first attempt. Stay focused, dive into our latest IIBF content through ePDFs and study materials

Watch Video

Banking Regulation & Business law

Banking Regulation & Business law made easy with syllabus priority

Banking Regulation & Business law made easy with syllabus priority Our full course for Banking Regulation & Business Law (BRBL) is ready to help you prepare for your CAIIB Exam. Dive into previous year mock tests and helpful videos to ace your journey.

Watch Video

Rural Banking

Complete syllabus priority of Rural Banking

Get ready for the Rural Banking exam conducted by IIBF! Our primary goal is to equip you with the latest study materials, mock tests, ePDFs, and videos crucial for your success on this journey. Stay prepared and confident with our comprehensive resources

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Central Banking

Central Banking made easy with syllabus priority

Taking the Central Banking exam? We're here to help! Our goal is to give you easy-to-understand study materials, practice tests, ePDFs, and videos, so you can do well in your journey. Let's ace Central Banking together!

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IT, Digital Banking

IT, Digital Banking exam crack in just 7 days

At IIBF, we conduct IT and Digital Banking courses, aiming to offer you the most current study materials, mock tests, ePDFs, and videos. Our main goal is to equip you with the tools needed for success in your learning journey. Stay updated and prepared with our comprehensive resources.

Watch Video

Risk Management

Risk Management CAIIB Syllabus 2024

We take charge of Risk Management, ensuring you have the latest study materials, mock tests, ePDFs, and videos. Our main goal is to support you throughout this journey, providing the resources you need for a successful experience in mastering Risk Management.

Watch Video

HRM ( human resource management)

HRM ( human resource management) made easy with syllabus priority

We offer great content for the HRM (Human Resource Management) exam. Our course is organised by chapters, making it easy for you to understand each topic well. Get ready to pass your exam on the first try!

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Stories that inspire


After I joined the Jaiib batch at Learning Sessions, I cracked Jaiib exam 2023 and discovered my true potential.

Reena Parokhe

IIBF Learning Sessions JAIIB

  • It was superb experience with learning session classes, no need to study anything extra. Focuse on L'S videos and revision. Special thanks to Ashish sir for timely support whenever require. I highly recommend Learning session class for CAIIB. Regards, Anup Gupta BOB


    Anup Gupta


    Jaiib Score 302

  • The most easiest way of understanding & perfect app to clear your concepts for JAIIB & CAIIB, even if you are not from commerce background. Thank you very much for all the guidance.




    Caiib Score 403

  • Highly impressed with this app's content quality, the videos, the study material. The video lectures are a standout feature, explaining complex topics with simplicity. I felt well-prepared and confident going into the JAIIB exams."


    Purnima Kumari


    Jaiib Score 290

  • The study material provided by you is so upto the mark and suffice, that just by going through the videos I cleared CAIIB. I had reffered no other study material. I am very happy and thankful to the whole team and wish u all success.




    Caiib Score 281




Does this course cover everything for passing CAIIB 2024?

Yes, it covers all topics for all 4 papers as per the latest IIBF syllabus. It's more than enough to pass the CAIIB exam with good marks.

How does this course keep up with the latest CAIIB syllabus?

The course is regularly updated to match the newest IIBF syllabus. We make sure you're studying the most recent material.

Can I access study materials offline and is the CAIIB course offered online or offline?

All exam topics are covered in the fully online CAIIB course in accordance with the most recent IIBF syllabus. For your convenience, all study materials—including videos and last year's questions—are accessible online. There is no offline material access offered. Just use these tools to ensure that you succeed in CAIIB.

Is it possible for me to view the course videos on my phone?

It's true that you can view the videos on mobile devices and the website. For your convenience, an Android version is now available.

Is it possible for me to print the CAIIB PDF materials from the website or mobile app?

The PDFs cannot be printed. They can be found on the website and the mobile app, however printing is not supported.

CAIIB exam is conducted by IIBF with the objective to transform candidates into competent decision-makers and leaders in the banking universe and to empower them to develop expertise in multiple areas. CAIIB exam is difficult but cracking it is not like nailing jelly to a tree, with the expert right strategy, planning, and dedication one can crack competitive exams with flying colours.

How to crack CAIIB Exam 2024 in the first attempt?

At Learning Sessions, we provide the updated CAIIB study material prepared by our expert professionals. This study material includes entire course videos covering all modules and topics in Hindi and English, 5000+ chapter-by-chapter previous year questions, and 2000+ fast notes. The examination-oriented questions are focused, which increases the chance of candidates to crack the CAIIB Exam in the first attempt.

Why to consider Learning Session’s previous years question papers?

CAIIB exam previous papers provided by us let candidates learn more about the exam’s level of difficulty and their performance level. It also helps in building a question-attempting strategy and candidates get familiar with the layout of the paper.

Why choose a Learning Session as your CAIIB Exam guide?

Learning session, a pioneer in preparing candidates for JAIIB Exams, CAIIB Exams, Promotion exams banking in India and IIBF Certification Exams. Our dedicated expert professionals with sound experience focus on implementing digital strategies to facilitate quality education to candidates. To date, Learning Session has proudly rendered services to 1,50,000 candidates and, with this number proliferating everyyear.

Our CAIIB study material consists of:

Chapter-wise full video course in English as well as Hindi mix of English

Videos of Case Studies New and Updated

Questions by Chapter

CAIIB free epdf notes

CAIIB 2024 Tests: Chapter-by-Chapter

Papers for Practice Exams

Mock tests are available with an attempt limit maximum of five times, and you can compare them to improve your performance further. We have a team of experts with over 900+ hours of experience. Over 4000+ questions are available for you to solve. 150+ hours of videos available. Recorded lectures.

Which strategy should candidates follow to prepare for the CAIIB exam papers?

CAIIB Exam consists of four mandatory papers: ABM (Advanced Banking management), BFM (Bank Financial Management), ABFM (Advanced Business & Financial Management), BRBL (Banking Regulations and Business Laws) Along with these mandatory papers, there is more elective paper which can be chosen from the following four options: Human resource management, Central Banking, Rural Banking, Information Technology & Digital Banking, Risk Management.

Our expert team makes it easy for the candidates to prepare for all the compulsory and elective papers. Consider the Mock tests, tips and strategies to pass the CAIIB exam 2024 prepared by our team and get clear the exam in a short time.

For a more comprehensive understanding of CAIIB exam 2024, aspirants can also get in touch with us through-

Telegram Group: IIBF Telegram Group

Youtube Channel: Learning Sessions

Know the CAIIB exam syllabus, pattern, and criteria of CAIIB exam 2024 well in advance. Start your preparation now so that you don’t fall short of time later.

Learning Session wishes you all the best for your success in the exam.